Our olive oil

From a magical tree, a juice of life.

Luna Sicana cultivates 12 hectares of olive trees that offer different varieties of cultivar for a subsequent production of oil with specific taste and intensity for all palates. The cold and small-sized company crusher allows us to mill our olives a few hours after harvesting in order to keep the aromas and flavors intact. The acidity that will result from the squeezing will be very low.
The EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE oil that you will taste will stand out the typical characteristics of our olives: BIANCOLILLA, with an intense green color and a delicate but well-defined flavor; NOCELLARA, with a lighter color but with a more spicy and accentuated taste; MORESCA, a spicy but balanced flavor. Every year, with the growth of plants and therefore with greater production, we are able to experiment with the different blend of cultivars or different qualities of individual olives. All that remains is to serve a good Sicilian lunch or dinner with olive oil suitable for every dish!