Our company is located in a fascinating territory which reflects the true Sicily, the one that takes you back in years and makes you return to the true values of a time where one of the most precious things was the land and its products. Our production of wines, olive oil and pistachios are focused on the enhancement of native species with organic production methods. Our valley is characterize by soils of different types as it is crossed by the river Platani that left, over the years, both sandy and sandy soil and a full part with numerous river stones. On each part of land we have carefully chosen the right type of cultivation in order to give the best natural contribution to our crops.
In our estate the wind is always present, both as a light breeze that helps to keep the plants healthy, both as strong scirocco that brings a very pleasant warmth in winter time while in summer leads us to perform many works in the early fresh hours of the morning in order to preserve the aromas and the freshness of our fruits. Another factor that distinguishes our territory is the high minerality of the land that is reflected in our products and in our wines making them sapid with excellent freshness.